The next event is coming up on SEPTEMBER 22nd!
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Feel the rush - The Green Rush!

It’s a modern day Gold Rush, with clues to find the GREEN. That’s right – CASH. Prospecting has changed. We know where the “GREEN” is hidden. You just need to follow the video clues we have put together. Be the first one there with your special Green Rush bracelet and you get the CASH.

A New Kind of Adventure

The first of its kind, a race of the minds. You don’t have to be physically strong for this adventure, but you will have to use the most powerful muscle in your body… Your brain! If you are a fan of National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code or The Great Race, you’ll love The Green Rush

Serious Prizes!

It’s a huge scavenger hunt with a big prize. Test your ability to surf the web, figure out clues, and put together your strategy. Get to the finish line first to claim the CASH.

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Here's the Dealio

The person who figures out where to find the prize and physically get there first wins!

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